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It’s Just a Red Cup . . . OR Is It?   Leave a comment

I woke today to another battle, another call to action . . . social media full of rants on an extremely vital topic for today’s modern Christ-follower. The war of the red cup. The assault on Christianity by the absence of Holiday fare by Starbucks. Can we all take a step back and look at the big picture here?

Today there is a war on people. There is a war on Christians. And it’s not being fought with a red cup. 700, 000 migrants so far have reached Europe, hoping to escape persecution. Thousands more never made it. (

Ask this little boy’s family what persecution looks like . . . most of his family is dead . . . but ask the survivors . . . What were the options? He couldn’t boycott the local coffee shop and win his battle.
Ask the families of these Christians . . . beheaded for their faith. ( What were their options? No one was asking their persecutors to sign anything on the cup they were about to guzzle down. The only cup they got to drink was the cup of Christ’s sufferings. (Matt 20:22).
There are thousands more stories and pictures I could share here. Just google “persecution of Christians”. I PROMISE you that nothing about Starbucks or a red cup will show up on your search.

I’m not sure when North America became so spoiled. Maybe it always was, and I didn’t notice, because it’s all I knew. But it appears as if it’s become common practice to cry “persecution” every time a person or group doesn’t follow Christian values . . . to claim bigotry any time someone doesn’t agree with your stand. I have to wonder. What are we doing?! Do we really think this is persecution? Are we THAT melodramatic? I hate to say it, but I think maybe we are. I’m not saying persecution doesn’t exist on North American soil. It certainly does. I’m just asking for a little bit of perspective. Are you REALLY being persecuted by a red cup or when someone wishes you “Happy Holidays”?

Rachel Held Evans has a nifty little chart that can help you answer that questions:

If you’re pretty sure you aren’t being persecuted, but want to make sure you aren’t persecuting anyone else in your greeting, this should help you (
As the Holidays near, the war to keep “Christ in Christmas” will certainly escalate. I wonder, though, should the battle be more about keeping “Christ in the Christian” and then He will be in EVERY DAY, including Christmas? But what about the war on Christmas?! There is a war . . . but it’s so much bigger than Christmas. It’s a war on humanity, and war on God’s creation . . . and war on God’s children. We’re over here fighting wars about cups, when there is a war on people. The war on Christianity is so much more subtle on North American soil than red cup and rainbow profile pictures. It is the battlefield of the mind, the battlefield of media, the battlefield of theologies and philosophies . . . battles that are mainly being lost due to “friendly fire”. What war are you fighting?

We were called to be a light in the darkness. There IS darkness. Ask yourself . . . are you a light in it? Light dispels darkness just by BEING what it was created to be. Are you BEING LIGHT or are you spending all your time shadow-boxing? This is where the battles are won or lost.

“For you were formerly darkness, but now you are Light in the Lord; walk as children of Light”
Ephesians 5:8

Here are some highly rated organizations you can partner with to be light around the world:

You can find even more here:


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