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Monkey Trap

19 See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.

Isaiah 43:19

Someone shared that verse with me a few Sundays ago.  They felt that God had put it on their heart specifically for me.  It’s not surprising, since this verse has seemed to pop up everywhere for me lately.  So exciting, right?  A NEW thing?!  So full of hope and excitement.  Exciting, until reality hits! In order for there to be a NEW thing, there has to be room for it in our minds and hearts.  Unfortunately, there are a ton of OLD things that we have been filling that space with.  We tend to be rather attached to the “things” we’ve filled our lives with.  There’s a reason we’ve kept all that junk around!  Some of it isn’t even bad, in fact, and one time it may have even been the “new” thing that God was doing.   I find myself clinging to all of that old stuff.  Even with the promise of new, it’s hard to let go of the old.  I wish I could say that my “old stuff” was all good stuff.  Unfortunately, I find myself clinging to old defense mechanisms, fear, disappointments and hurts.  I’m always in awe of how patient God is in gently helping my fingers open to release all of those things, so that I can be open to the new things He has for me.

In Southern India hunters catch monkeys using a simple “Monkey Trap”.  The hunters use heavy bottles with long narrow necks.  Inside the bottles they put fruit, nuts and rice.  The monkey is able to get his hand into the jar and grab the fruit.  However, his fistful of fruit is too large to be able to pull it back out of the jar.  In order to escape, he would have to let go of the fruit.  Essentially, his failure to “let go” of what he thinks is a great thing, is the very thing that results in his captivity.  Isn’t that how we are?  How I am? I actually picture myself in a huge storeroom full of treasure . . . real and spiritual . . . dreams and opportunities . . . if you could see them as a physical reality.  Yet there I am, my hand in a silly simple Monkey trap.  My hand stuck in the heavy bottle, too heavy for me to move.  Except, instead of grasping sweet smelling fruit, I’m clinging rotten, old decaying things . . . bitterness, grief, fear, disappointments.   I sit there holding them, stuck in captivity, when all I need to do is LET GO and I could be free.  God wants my empty hands so he can fill them with so many wonderful, beautiful things.

Can you relate?  Are your hands full of things that are keeping you in captivity?  What “old” things do you need to let go of, to make room for the amazing new things God has for you?


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