Metamorphasis: The process of transformation   Leave a comment

Metamorphasis:  The process of transformation

Who can’t relate to the process of caterpillar to butterfly? At times in our lives we all feel like that caterpillar . . . so much potential . . . but so limited. We hold on to the hope that at some point we will become that beautiful butterfly fluttering around, unhindered. Such a beautiful metaphor, until you look at the messy reality of it. So few of us are willing to be hidden, willing to be turned into liquid and then willing to fight to emerge . . . all the things required for transformation. In all honesty, I am so tired of being that caterpillar, but have avoided at all costs everything it takes to transform. I’ve made the decision that I will be open to the process of transformation . . . hidden, liquid, struggle. This blog is a small glimpse into my personal transformation process. I’m giving you a glimpse through the walls of my cocoon, at the liquid I’ve become in the process of transformation.


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